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Robert Griffin III has tried to be more careful since injury

The Redskins quarterback has focused on protecting himself.


Prior to his injury this season, Robert Griffin III looked like perhaps the most explosive player in the NFL. But since coming back, Griffin III has sacrificed some of that explosiveness to make sure he can stay on the field, according to The Washington Times.

One thing Griffin III has focused on is getting out of bounds when he can. He also added that he continues to wear his knee brace for protection, despite it having a limit on his range of motion.

While Sunday's Wild Card playoff game against Seattle will be four weeks since his injury, doctors are not expected to remove the brace from the rookie quarterback's knee anytime soon.

RGIII has played two games since his injury and moved pretty well in the season finale against Dallas. He finished with six rushing attempts for 63 yards and a touchdown. The week before, he ran the ball just twice against Philadelphia.