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Seahawks vs. Redskins, 2013 NFC Wild Card Playoffs: Washington fans lament Robert Griffin III injury

Many Redskins fans were upset that head coach Mike Shanahan did not pull a noticeably hobbled Robert Griffin III in their playoff loss to the Seahawks on Sunday.

Patrick McDermott

The Washington Redskins saw their exciting season come to an end after losing 24-14 to the Seattle Seahawks in the 2013 NFC Wild Card Round. To make matters worse, star quarterback Robert Griffin III looked to seriously re-injure a knee that he had hurt several weeks prior.

Washington actually got off to a fast start, jumping out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. But on the second touchdown drive, Griffin appeared to tweak his knee injury on a scramble. The rookie remained in the game, but was completely ineffective from that point on.

As the game wore on and Griffin continued to struggle, many began to call for backup quarterback Kirk Cousins in order to avoid further injury to Washington's franchise player. But that never happened, and Griffin ultimately hurt the knee even worse. Pete Volk at SB Nation's Redskins blog Hogs Haven has the grisly details:

Then, disaster struck. Mike Shanahan had elected to leave Griffin in the game, despite calls from fans, hoping to avoid long-term damage, to take out the obviously injured quarterback. On a fourth quarter botched snap, Griffin twisted his knee badly, forcing him out of the game. Here is a GIF of the play - viewer discretion is advised.

Shanahan has taken a lot of heat for leaving Griffin in the game, although the quarterback said he was fine and team doctors reportedly cleared him to play. Whatever the case, Redskins fans now just have to sit back and hope that the injury is not all that serious and that Griffin will be ready to go at the start of next season.