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Flip Saunders 'Disappointed' In Gilbert Arenas' Comments

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Following Wizards practice today, Gilbert Arenas and Flip Saunders both addressed Arenas' comments last night about faking an injury to give up his starting spot to Nick Young. Saunders said he was "disappointed" in Arenas' actions because he trusts players to be truthful about injuries.

Via Sean Fagan, who writes for both SB Nation's Wizards blog Bullets Forever and SB Nation D.C. and was at practice today.

I told him I'm more disappointed personally because I believed in you. And there's a trust factor. I told him that you have to be honest with me about all things. It's just like dealing with your kids. Your kids make mistakes, and you deal with but it doesn't mean you love them any less. You deal with the mistake and you move on.    

As mentioned before, Arenas was fined for his actions. Today, he apologized in front of the rest of the media.

I was trying to be a good teammate. Y'know Nick wanted to play. Since we are guard loaded I thought I would take the day off and I lied to coach and told him my knee was sore so that Nick can play.     


Obviously, no one has taken it well...I was just trying to help out Nick. Get some playing time under his belt. I screwed up again, I just want to say sorry.    

Arenas did have some parting shots for the media, though, saying everything he says is "nitpicked."