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Gilbert Arenas Did Not Practice Tuesday, Status Unclear For Season Opener

With the season opener rapidly approaching, the status of Gilbert Arenas remains unknown. He hasn't practiced in a few days while he rests an injured ankle and there has been no official word on when the team expects him to return. According to Kyle Weidie, Arenas didn't practice on Tuesday either, and the state of his injury remains a mystery.

Gilbert Arenas sat out of practice today, status uncertain for Thurs... Although, seems like team is preparing 2 play w/o him.less than a minute ago via OpenBeak

From everything we have heard, it appears Gilbert ill not be ready to play in the opener and that Al Thornton will be starting in his place. But expect the Wizards to continue to play this one close to the vest to keep their opponent off balance. We won't know for sure about Gilbert's status until shortly before the game.