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Wizards Vs. Magic: John Wall Takes A Breather, Magic Lead 58-34 At Halftime

John Wall took most of the second quarter off, which didn't help the Wizards. The Magic extended their lead to 58-34 at the break. Here are some second quarter bullet (no pun intended) points:

  • John Wall Watch: Six points on 3-of-13 shooting, four assists, two steals and one turnover in 18 minutes. Wall went cold in the second quarter, but spent most of it on the bench. Dwight Howard blocked Wall's layup attempt late in the quarter; Wall will need to learn how to work his way around NBA centers.
  • The rest of the Wizards are not doing much to help Wall. Despite Al Thornton and JaVale McGee leading the team with seven points each, the Wizards are shooting 14-43 from the field (32.6%). The defense is not functioning, either. The Magic have 32 points in the paint and have outscored the Wizards 12-3 on second chance points. 
  • Not all is lost. The Wizards hit seven out of their last 14 shots after missing 22 of their first 29.