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John Wall Ushers In Worst Season Opening In Wizards' History: A Tweet Perspective

John Wall scored 14 points in his NBA debut and the Wizards lose by 29 points. A new era of basketball? Perhaps the old one was better.

Words can't describe how poorly the Wizards played, so I will let the Twitter universe do the hard work for me. If the Wizards want to rebuild, tanking and getting another top draft pick and try again. It will be a long season. The Great Wall Of Chinatown could be starting to crack.

Last season, John Wall lost three games by a combined 22 points.    

We need Mr Miyagi to rub his hands together to heal Howard and Gil ASAP or this is going to be a long season...again    

Whoever had "Cartier Martin, Wizards leading scorer" can collect your prize at the front desk.