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Hilton Armstrong Has Outplayed JaVale McGee In Training Camp

The most enduring image from Summer League are the alley-oop passes that John Wall threw up to JaVale McGee. Not only did the duo make the play look natural, but it demonstrated the a rapport between two young players that the Wizards are going to need to improve greatly if the team is to improve this year and and into the future. The play of McGee was especially heartening, as the fourth year center has endured sustained criticism for his mental lapses and defensive ability throughout his short career. With Brendan Haywood having been traded away to the Dallas Mavericks, the starting center role was presumed to be McGee's spot.

Not so fast, says Flip Saunders:

"Hilton Armstrong's had a really solid camp. He's actually played better than JaVale has through camp right now. We've got to get JaVale defensive rebounding right now. With him, we need more substance than style. He's always been a style guy, and we got to get some substance out of that position."

Now perhaps this is a method of lighting a fire under McGee to make him practice a little harder or show more during the upcoming preseason games. It should be noted that McGee was under the weather for most of training camp suffering from a cold, and this may have effected his performance in the early part of camp. However, it bodes ill for the Wizards' chances this season if Armstrong is outperforming McGee to at a level in which Saunders is forced to consider changing their roles on the team.