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Josh Howard Is Moving Closer To Return From Knee Surgery

Josh Howard is still working on rehabbing the knee that required surgery toward the end of last season. He will probably not be ready for the regular season, but Michael Lee of The Washington Post's Wizards Insider is reporting that Howard is doing well in his recovery.

His improvement has been such a revelation that the Wizards may soon see him on the floor in the next few weeks. "If you watch him on the floor doing skeleton runs, you'd think that he could play that night. He's pretty advanced. A lot more advanced than what we thought, but we're going to take our time," Coach Flip Saunders said.

He would love to be out there right now, but he understands that rushing back could be a bad move in the long run. But he is happy with the progress he has made.

"I've been kind of ahead of schedule all summer, but now it's up to my body and how I feel."


Howard was brought back this summer before the team knew exactly how his knee would heal. If he can get anywhere near his former level of athleticism, he could be a big contributor at a position the Wizards are weak at.