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New Sports Illustrated Profile Shows Both Sides Of Gilbert Arenas

We briefly mentioned the new Sports Illustrated profile about Gilbert Arenas, namely the whole pooping in a shoe incident. But believe it or not, there's a lot more to Gilbert Arenas then that. As always, there's a good and bad. It feels like glass half empty morning, so we'll start with the bad; new reasons why Gilbert Arenas decided to excuse himself from that preseason game.

"I was really scared of getting booed," says Arenas. "It's a little crazy because I was here with Kwame Brown when Kwame was scared to go out there. I used to be like, Man, it's just boos. Now here I was six years later, and I was him. I was scared to go out there."
Ugh, really? First it was the injury, then wanting to give playing time to Nick Young. Every time you change the story it becomes less believable. Let's just agree not to talk about it anymore, ok Gil? But there's a good side to this story, and that's how Gil is taking John Wall under his wing, and surprisingly not ruining his career. More on that after the jump.
"He has been great," says Wall, who became the first rookie since Oscar Robertson in 1960 to have at least seven assists in each of his first five games. "He's helping me out as much as he can, and I'm learning a lot just by watching him play."
I can honestly say I did not see that one coming. And I don't think I'm alone. Did anyone think that Gilbert Arenas would be a positive influence on Wall? I am very happy to see that is the case however, and that Wall is actually relishing the idea of playing with Arenas; if they ever get on the court at the same time.