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Gilbert Arenas Is A Game-Time Decision Against The Rockets

Gilbert Arenas has already made his season debut and played for the Wizards, but his ankle seems not to have responded well to the back-to-back games he played in his first action. According to Craig Stouffer at the Washington Examiner, Arenas will be a game-time decision when the Wizards play the Rockets tonight.

"He really struggled yesterday," said Saunders prior to shootaround on Wednesday morning. "He just didn’t have as much movement as he had the day before so we’ll have to see how he his today, how he moves tonight. I say it kiddingly, but it’s always going to be a game-time decision because sometimes what happens to him, for no reason, you’re knee can swell up or your ankle, and you don’t even really know why, and all of a sudden, you have trouble moving, especially because of his history."

I have nor problem with the team taking Arenas' rehab a little bit slowly, and if he isn't responding well to the time they played him, then there is no reason for him to be out there. But maybe they shouldn't have played him in a back-to-back situation his first time out there. That probably wasn't the smartest thing.

We'll ave more updates on the injury and his availability as they happen.