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Wizards Vs. Celtics: Washington Gets Blown Out, Loses 114-83

We said it could have been ugly, and ... it was ugly. The Washington Wizards hung around for a quarter against the Boston Cetlics, but that was about it. In the end, the Celtics won 114-83, in a game that was largely decided by the third quarter.

Nobody did much of anything for the Wizards. They had just 10 assists on the game, as the Celtics' defense swarmed them. Nick Young led the Wizards with 20 points, but many of those came in garbage time. Andray Blatche was probably the worst Wizards player, scoring only 10 points with four rebounds, four turnovers, no free-throw attempts and a -28 line. 

All five Celtics players scored in double figures, led by Paul Pierce with 23 points. The Celtics shot an obscene 66 percent from the field in the game, as they got layup after layup on the hapless Wizards' defense.