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NBA All-Star Ballot: Gilbert Arenas, John Wall, JaVale McGee Make It, Andray Blatche Doesn't

For reasons that don't really make sense to me, the NBA All-Star Ballot has just been released. Why it's done in November, and not later in the season, is confusing, but what are you going to do.


Anyway, the ballot was released, and three members of our favorite rebuilding Washington Wizards made it. John Wall is a given, and though his reputation isn't great, so is Gilbert Arenas. But the third guy is a bit of a surprise. 


Yup, it's JaVale McGee, not Andray Blatche. Despite Blatche's breakout season last year, the people who compiled the ballot -- Marv Albert and five other NBA scribes -- decided to go with McGee over him. This was a decision, mind you, made before last night's memorable pick and roll gaffe by Blatche. Maybe they knew something we didn't. Maybe they figured his play would level off.


Either way, you can vote for your favorite Wizards here. I highly encourage any efforts to write in Trevor Booker