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John Wall Will Play For The Wizards Tonight, Gilbert Arenas Is Out

Heading into the Wizards home opener tonight the status of the team's biggest stars was in doubt. Both John Wall and Gilbert Arenas are nursing ankle injuries and both of them were questionable for tonight's game. Now we have clarification on both.

Flip Saunders says no Gilbert tonight. Wall is a go. #Wizardsless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I'm sure the Wizards fans who have been waiting to see John Wall in person since the day the Wizards won the draft lottery are revealed to hear that he will in fact be in uniform and playing in the team's first game in Washington.

As for Gilbert, his absence certainly hurts the team in terms of their chances to win tonight, but it should put the ball back into Wall's hands even more, which is something I think that the fans will appreciate.

The Wizards will face Philadelphia and Evan Turner, in an early match up of the top two players selected in last June's NBA Draft. Without Gil in the lineup, it will be on Wall to propel the Wizards to a victory.