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Second Quarter: Nick Young Steals The Show

  • Washington carried their late first quarter momentum into the second, jumping out to a 35-30 lead, thanks in big part to Nick Young, who is feeling it early. Hinrich's early fouls may have been a blessing in disguise, letting Young get into an early rhythm.
  • Fear the (mini)Fro! Young continues to feel it, nailing a long two, while being fouled. He's got 15 points in 11 minutes as the Wizards extend their lead.
  • Obviously Young's career has always been peaks and valleys, but when he's hot, he's hard not to root for.
  • Young's shooting let's Wall get a solid five and a half minutes of rest, before checking back in.
  • Philadelphia does a good job of settling down and using their depth inside to get back in the game once Wall gets back in the game. The good news is the Wizards are still winning the rebound battle 20-15, late in the second quarter.
  • Wall picks up points seven and eight with a Dwyane Wade-like splitting of the double team. The Sixers had no chance to recover before he put in the easy layup.
  • After leaving the door far too open, the Sixers adjust their defense, throwing some traps his direction and forcing Wall into some tough passes, throwing off the rhythm of the offense. 
  • Yi Jianlian held on to the ball just a hair too long at the end of the quarter and missed an opportunity for a little extra confidence heading into the half. Instead, they'll enter the locker room with a 50-48 lead.
  • Wall's line: 8 points, 6 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steal and 3 turnovers in 18 minutes.