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Third Quarter: Wizards And Sixers Both Capitalize On Turnovers

  • Andre Iguodala sparks an early second half run with a three pointer and a nice pass to Spencer Hawes. I know Kirk Hinrich can guard some small forwards, but I think you need someone a little bigger to deal with Iggy.
  • The referees are forced to go to the replay to see if Andres Nocioni had a clear path violation on John Wall, which would have given the Wizards two shots and the ball. The Wizards didn't get the call, but it shows just another way Wall's speed creates opportunities, even it it didn't work on that fast break.
  • After starting the game with a basket, Andray Blatche has really struggled, only making 3 of his last 11, missing some quite badly. I know the conditioning is still a work in progress and there isn't a much better option to start right now, but Blatche has to understand how to play within in his capabilities while he gets his wind back.
  • John Wall found a good way to create the fast break opportunities he didn't have in the first half: Steal the ball. Wall had six pickpockets in the third quarter as the Wizards opened up the lead midway through the third, as they opened up a double digit lead. But as we all know, the turnover gods giveth and taketh away. Some turnovers late in the quarter let the Sixers get back with in six, 72-66, at the end of the quarter.
  • Through three quarters, Wall has 16 points, 9 assists and 7 steals. Evan Turner has no points.