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Fourth Quarter: Cartier Martin Forces Overtime With A Clutch Three Pointer

Hey, look who's at the game tonight guys!


(via Michael Tunison)

  • After a long stint on the bench, Nick Young hasn't able to rekindle the fire in the fourth quarter, and as such, John Wall makes an early re-entrance into the game.
  • Hilton Armstrong's turnaround jumper increases the lead to 82-73. Not going to lie, I didn't think I would by typing that sentence tonight.
  • With each fast break, it's gets harder and harder for anyone to make the already flimsy case that Gilbert Arenas will be able to re-claim this team.
  • The Wizards and Sixers have been trading buckets back and forth throughout the fourth. In crunch time, John Wall's fast break opportunities are quickly disappearing. Now we'll get to see how he handles executing the half court offense in crunch time.
  • Early reviews aren't encouraging. Wall's lack of confidence in his jumper causes him to pass up an open shot and force the ball back inside, where Elton Brand made the easy steal. It's a lot easier to hide that weak jumper on the fast break.
  • Evan Turner and John Wall trade impressive buckets in the paint, but Wall's came with a foul shot that cut the lead to three, 100-97, with under a minute to go.
  • After getting a stop on defense, Al Thornton drives and draws the foul with 17.3 seconds to go and hits both free throws to make it a one point game. Presuming the Sixers make both free throws on the other end, who takes the three for the Wizards if they go for the tie right away? I'll guess Hinrich.
  • Lou Williams does indeed hit both free throws, and now the Wizards have 16.7 seconds to either go for one shot or get a quick basket and hope the Sixers miss a free throw on the other end.
  • After only giving up 18 points in the third quarter, the Wizards allowed the Sixers to score 36 in the fourth.
  • They opt for the quick bucket, which was made beautifully by Wall. Kirk Hinrich nearly gets the steal but stepped out of bounds.
  • A well drawn inbounds play nearly gave Lou Williams a free basket, but he gets fouled before he can convert the basket. Again, he makes both free throws. Now the Wizards face the same dilemma with 9.5 seconds to go.
  • Wall draws a foul with 6.2 seconds to go and drills both free throws, bringing the score to 104-103. Trevor Booker again nearly forces a steal but didn't quite get it. On the inbound, Nick Young fouls Williams with 3.1 seconds to go, and again, Williams makes it three point game by hitting both free throws.
  • Cartier Martin proceeds to bury a leaning three-pointer over Andre Iguodala to force overtime. He wasn't the first option, but he made it work. Not bad for a guy in the D-League last season.