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Free Basketball!: Wall And Blatche Close The Deal As Wizards Defeat Sixers 116-115

  • It takes almost two full minutes for either team to get a score as they briefly resume playing basketball without fouls on every possession. John Wall almost kept the scoreless drought going with an impressive block from behind on Andre Iguodala. He drew enough body to draw the foul, but it was still mighty impressive.
  • On the other end, some fancy dribbling allows Wall to get inside and kick out to Al Thornton for an easy jumper to make the lead 110-107 with under two minutes to go.
  • With the Wizards only up by one with just over a minute to go, John Wall buries a mid-range jumper to put the lead back up to three. Huge bucket.
  • After Elton Brand makes it one point game again on the other end, Blatche coughs up the ball and gives the Sixers a chance to take back the lead with 35 seconds to go. Elton Brand makes the most of it hitting a silly shot off the glass with 14 seconds to go. It's not an $80 million shot, but it gives the Sixers a 115-114 lead.
  • Blatche gets isolated on Elton Brand and drives to the hoop, drawing a foul from Brand, his sixth. It hasn't been Blatche's best game, but he saved a good move for late, and hit both free throws, putting the Wizards back on top with 7.1 seconds to go.
  • The Sixers get the ball into the paint, but they can't get the ball in the bucket, and the Wizards hold on for the win 116-115.
  • I said in my feature last week that Wall would need a "a triple-double, a game-winning shot and a highlight dunk to even have a shot at creating the same buzz Strasburg did in his debut." 29 points, 13 assists, 9 steals, a huge bucket late, several clutch free throws and some impressive highlights later, I must say he came pretty doggone close in his first home game in Washington.