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JaVale McGee Not Only Salutes, But Waves

Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee is known for saluting after making a big play. During Tuesday's overtime victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, McGee added a new hand gesture to his arsenal.

During the fourth quarter, John Wall sent an entry pass towards McGee that left him wide open for an uncontested slam dunk. All of a sudden, Elton Brand came out of nowhere and literally pushed McGee with all of his strength behind it. The seven-footer crumbled to the floor, but still was able to wave goodbye to Brand as he was immediately ejected from the game.

"The Salute" has become a part of McGee's game, but "The Wave" could be the next big thing. Perhaps he could even lead the Verizon Center in an old-fashioned wave. He does have long arms.