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VIDEO: After Taking Flagrant Foul Last Week. Wizards Dish One Out This Week

Last week, JaVale McGee was on the receiving end of a flagrant foul from Philadelphia forward Elton Brand. As McGee went up for what seemed like an uncontested dunk, Brand ran across the lane to push McGee, which sent McGee crumbling to the floor. For the Wizards tonight, it was deja vu all over again. Sort of.

In the third quarter of Monday's game against the Miami Heat, Joel Anthony went up for what looked like an uncontested dunk. But Hilton Armstrong pushed Anthony, who fell hard. Unlike Brand, Armstrong ran to Anthony's aid, but veteran Juwan Howard made an not-so-veteran decision to push Armstrong. This set off a series of verbal exchanges. Like Brand, Armstrong would receive a flagrant foul 2, which is an automatic ejection and could lead to a suspension. Howard received a technical foul.

Either way, there has been plenty of pushing and shoving in Wizards' game lately. If the Redskins ever need some extra linemen, they know where to look.

(Thanks to @jose3030 for the video)