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Wizards Vs. Knicks: Poor Defense Leads to 58-49 New York Lead At Halftime

As fun as the Wizards may be at times this year, we have to keep in mind that there are two ends of the court. The defensive end is what killed the Wizards in the second quarter against the Knicks. New York went on a 16-2 run, and they lead [] at halftime.

Three-point shooting continues to be the key for the Knicks. The Knicks are now 8-15 from behind the line, as the Wizards have done a poor job of containing dribble penetration. New York has the shooters to do this to you from time to time, and they've done it to the Wizards tonight.

Raymond Felton is leading the way with 13 points, including 2-3 on three-pointers. He has outplayed John Wall tonight. Wall has just four points on 1-6 shooting with six turnovers, though he does have five assists. Andray Blatche leads the Wizards with 18 points, but had just two in the second quarter. Gilbert Arenas is 1-4 for four points in nine minutes off the bench, but he too has been outplayed by Toney Douglas, who has nine points on 3-5 from three-point range.