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Wizards Vs. Knicks: New York Leads 81-73 After Wild Third Quarter

It shouldn't surprise anyone that this game between the New York Knicks and the Washington Wizards is high scoring. But I don't think anyone could have expected a wacky third quarter like we just saw.

The Knicks still lead the Wizards 81-73 after a quarter that featured lots of dunks, fast-breaks, wacky turnovers and made three-pointers. John Wall got it going a bit, scoring eight points on a number of fast-break layups in the quarter, but the Knicks maintained their lead with hot three-point shooting. Danilo Gallinari got it going a little bit, and the Knicks were able to get out and run just as much as the Wizards.

The difference in the game really is with the three-point line. The Knicks are 10-22, while the Wizards are 1-9. That's a 27-point difference right there. Otherwise, the game is fairly even. Some of those looks have been wide open, but others have been contested. The Knicks' shooting has also opened up the lane, leading to other easy layups. The Wizards went to a zone defense at the end of the quarter, which has helped a bit.