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Cavaliers Vs. Wizards: Washington Leads 28-27 After One Quarter

We're through with one quarter here at the Verizon Center, and the Washington Wizards lead the Cleveland Cavaliers 28-27. The Cavaliers had an early lead, but the Wizards rallied midway through the quarter.

Gilbert Arenas checked in after a timeout, getting a loud standing ovation from the Verizon Center crowd. He also hit his first shot - a three-pointer - though he did surrender an easy layup to Ramon Sessions on his first defensive possession. It appears that he will be greeted warmly by Wizards fans at home all season, despite the past. 

Al Thornton leads the way for the Wizards with 11 points, including a coast-to-coast layup to close the quarter. Kirk Hinrich added nine points, looking much better than he did the other night in New York. Jamario Moon and Daniel Gibson lead Cleveland with five points.

John Wall has no points, but does have four assists to just one turnover. Mo Williams has been attacking him all night on the defensive end, with mixed results.