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Wizards Vs. Raptors: Toronto Pouring It On, Leads 72-51 At Halftime

The Washington Wizards will have many bad stretches this season, but tonight's will certainly be up there. After one half of play in Toronto, the Wizards are getting destroyed 72-52.

The Wizards' defense has been completely non-existant. The Raptors are shooting 67 percent from the field and already have a season high for points in the half. In fact, as Holly MacKenzie notes, they have nearly as many points in the first half as they had in their entire last game, and have already made more field goals.. They're getting dunks and layups at will, feasting on some awful Wizards interior defense.

Already, the Raptors have four players in double figures, led by Andrea Bargnani with 14. DeMar DeRozan and Sonny Weems added 12 points, and Leandro Barbosa has 10 off the bench. JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche lead the Wizards with 15 and 14 points apiece, but are probably most responsible for the horrendous defense the Wizards have shown.

Mind you, this is the Raptors, one of the league's worst teams.