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Knicks Vs. Wizards: Washington Holds Slim Lead Entering The Second Half

John Wall was a surprise inclusion in the starting lineup for the Wizards tonight, but its been some of their more established players who have stood out so far tonight as Washington leads New York by six points at halftime.

The streaking Knicks have been outrebounded by the Wizards in the early going, but have looked to narrow the Wizards' lead and pull ahead early in the second half. New York's star forward Amare Stoudemire now has 21-points, leading all scorers in the contest.

For Washington, Andray Blatche leads the team with 16-points, while Gilbert Arena has 11-points. Kirk Hinrich and Nick Young are each in double figures off the bench. Jianlian Yi has also contributed with some solid defense throughout the game. Wall, while scoring only four points so far on eight shots, has remained a vital part of the offense, adding five assists in the first half.