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John Wall Injury: Wall Has Right Knee Pain, May Miss Game Against Los Angeles Lakers

The nicks and bruises continue for Washington Wizards' rookie standout John Wall. This season, Wall has dealt with a left foot injury, ankle injuries, knee injuries and even a thumb sprain. Now, you can add another injury to the list: right knee pain.

Wall missed practice on Monday, and coach Flip Saunders said his status for Tuesday's showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers is up in the air. In fact, Saunders described it as "very questionable," which is something I really haven't heard a coach say about a player before. 

How did the injury happen? Per Sean Fagan of Bullets Forever, Saunders said it has to do with his other injuries:

Wall's injuries are opposite from where he suffered his original injuries. Saunders described them as "compensation" injuries    

That's an indictment on the Wizards' training staff, is it not? Isn't in their job to ensure the players don't overcompensate and suffer an injury elsewhere?