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For Ted Leonsis, Rebuilding The Wizards Starts With Changing The Culture

Ted Leonsis has changed a lot about the Wizards organization since he took over in the spring. The team isn't really winning all that much more, but the entire experience of going to a Wizards game is different than it has been in years past. According to John Lombardo and John Ourand for Sports Business Journal, that's because Leonsis has an incredible attention to detail, and isn't afraid to mix it up with the fans.

Whether you want a new starting forward or a new flavor of Dippin’ Dots sold inside the Verizon Center, go ahead and e-mail Leonsis. He’ll get right back to you.

"Nothing is too big or too small," Leonsis said.

And it's easy to notice the changes. Even the small things, like the increased beer selection at the Verizon Center, are noticed and appreciated by fans. More on Leonsis' efforts, and how they are affecting the way the Wizards are seen in the community, after the jump.

One of the reasons Leonsis is able to give the fans what they want in terms of organizational improvements is because he is willing to listen, more so than any other owner I can think of.

Leonsis makes a point to listen to the fans. He requires all of his employees to respond promptly to e-mails, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. During an interview for this story, Leonsis smiles broadly as he talks about an e-mail he received complimenting Verizon Center’s new sound system. He chuckles as he recalls another e-mail from a fan thanking him for the newly installed cup holders above the urinals.

That's a perfect example of the type of changes Leonsis is making. When you're not at the Verizon Center, you might think to yourself, cup-holders above the urinals? that's what this guy is spending his time on?" But then when you stumble into the bathroom during a Wizards game with an $8 beer in your hands and you don't have to leave it out of sight you realize how big of a difference these little things can make.

That's why I'm totally confident that he can build a inner out of the Wizards. He does things the right way, in all aspects. He rebuilt the Capitals and the entire Verizon Center experience. It might take a little longer to do the same with the actual ball club, but I am confident that the will get there.