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Washington Wizards Injuries: Yi Jianlian Has Sprained Right MCl, Could Miss A Few Weeks

Knee injuries are always scary. Without an MRI, there is really no way to know just what is wrong with a guy, and if his recovery will be just a few days or almost a year. When Yi Jianlian went down with a knee injury last night, it didn't look good.

Today, we have clarification about the severity of the injury that Jianlian suffered straight from the organization.

Yi has a sprained right mcl and will likely be out for the next several games.less than a minute ago via txt

According to Craig Stouffer, Yi himself said that the injury will keep him out 2-4 weeks. But these things always depend on the speed at which the person who suffered them can recover. We'll know a lot more about how long it will take Yi to get back on the court with how he handles the next few days of treatment. More on the injury and recovery as it becomes available.