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Wizards Vs. Nets: Wizards Get Into Foul Trouble, Trail 32-17 After First Quarter

Either the New Jersey Nets are playing really well or the Wizards are playing really bad. The Nets, the Eastern Conference's worst team, are leading the Wizards 32-17 after the first quarter.

Al Thornton and Nick Young combined for 11 of their Wizards' 17 points. The Wizards almost had as many fouls as points; Washington had 10 personal fouls in the first quarter, with JaVale McGree, Kirk Hinrich and Kevin Seraphin each committing two.

The Wizards are still looking for a road win, but the Nets are looking to snap their own losing streak. Brook Lopez led the Nets with 11 points and three rebounds, while Travis Outlaw added 10 points.