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Wizards Vs. Nets: Wizards Commit Twice As Many Fouls As Field Goals, Trail Nets By 17 At Halftime

Someone must have forgotten to tell the New Jersey Nets that they are the worst team in the Eastern Conference. The Nets, losers of eight straight, are dominating the WIzards and lead 55-38 at halftime.

Nick Young once again leads the Wizards with 15 points. Young has averaged over 18 points per game over the last five games. Al Thornton has 10 points, while Trevor Booker has eight points and five rebounds,

For the Nets, Brook Lopez has 12 points and four rebounds, Devin Harris has eight points and four assists and Travis Outlaw has 10 points.

The Wizards found themselves in foul trouble early, committing 10 fouls in the first quarter to New Jersey's four. But both teams committed 11 in the second quarter, leaving Washington with 21 fouls. The Nets have made 19 free throws to the Wizards' 16, but the Wizards made only 11 field goals in the first half.

Neither team has made a three-point field goal. Adding up all of these statistics makes the halftime score even more perplexing.