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Ted Leonsis Tells Bill Simmons Of His Hands-Off Approach To Rebuilding

ESPN's Bill Simmons spoke with Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis today, and Leonsis was candid as always about his two franchises.

One of the highlights was Leonsis stating that he learned of the John Erskine contract extension by reading the Capitals' press release online.

No one talked to me about that. I read the news realease online. They shouldn't have to run that by me. If they want to trade Alex Ovechkin because he hasn't scored in 10 games, they're probably gonna come talk to me about that one.

Leonsis spent a good deal of time talking about the Wizards, and how he hopes to build the team. The owner implied that theoretically it should be easier to rebuild an NBA team than an NHL team because there are fewer players who contribute. Of course that would require several high first round picks, which seems to be what the Wizards are trying to accomplish this year. Leonsis also insisted that he would not have traded away the team's No. 5 overall pick in 2009 for Mike Miller and Randy Foye, saying "We lost a year and we had nothing to show for it ... It's just wrong for what my belief is."

It's nice to see that some things are changing around.