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Report: Chances High That Magic Will Make Move Tomorrow

According to Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post, the Magic trading for Gilbert Arenas could come even sooner than we'd thought.

Heard from a source: "70-80 percent" the Magic make a trade "with major pieces" _tomorrow_. Would not confirm or deny Arenas' involvement.

Dunlap has been all over this story since its infancy, and he reported two weeks ago that talks between the Magic and the Wizards were starting to get serious again. And while Dunlap's source would not confirm if Arenas will be among the players involved in the potential trade that the Magic are looking to execute, the SB Nation writer reported previously that "If Orlando is to make a major trade this season, Arenas will likely be the target."

The Magic play a home game against the Philadelphia 76ers tomorrow night, but this is a much bigger story, and it may be the biggest trade of the NBA this season.