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Gilbert Arenas Trade: Magic Reportedly 'Very Close' To Making Deal

While the exact terms of a potential trade that could send Gilbert Arenas to Florida are not yet entirely clear, a deal seems to be incredibly close.

According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, the trade could be executed shortly.

According to the report, discussions have intensified in recent days, but the parameters of the deal are unclear. But a league source said late Friday night, "It's very close. A really strong possibility."

Lee's source went on to elaborate about the necessity of the deal.

"The Magic realizes they have to make a move. They have to do something," the source said.

Where there's smoke there's fire. And if enough people are talking about the potential of this trade, it appears very likely to happen very soon.

Arenas has 17.3 points and 5.6 assists so far in 2010 for the Wizards, with many of those points coming off the bench where he started the season. That point total would make Arenas Orlando's second highest scorer, behind only Dwight Howard and his 21.5 points per game.