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Gilbert Arenas Trade: Orlando Magic May Include Rashard Lewis In Deal

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More details are starting to emerge about the rumored Gilbert Arenas trade with the Orlando Magic, and one player has constantly been mentioned: Rashard Lewis. According to multiple reports, the Magic are trying to send Lewis back to the Washington Wizards in a trade for Arenas.

SB Nation's Magic blog Orlando Pinstriped Post was the first to mention Lewis' name being mentioned.

A source advised Orlando Pinstriped Post that combo forward Rashard Lewis, who owns the league's second-largest salary, is "being discussed" in this potential trade, with shooting guard Vince Carter also headed to the nation's capital.    

Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld, who is based in Orlando, also has Lewis as potentially being a part of the deal.

Sources close to the Magic had hinted that a deal would be finalized this weekend with a new player making a debut on Monday and Arenas told several people close to him that expected to end up in Orlando.

It is still unknown which player the Wizards would receive and while many think it will be Vince Carter, there is a growing belief that Rashard Lewis will be the Magic player dealt.

Lewis' presence changes the potential dynamics of the deal. The Magic forward is struggling mightily this season and is a shell of his 2009 All-Star self. He also has two years and nearly $44 million left on his contract after this season, though his final year is only guaranteed for a minimum of $10 million, with the rest based on performance benchmarks. Arenas has three years and $62 million left on his contract after this season, so there isn't a ton of long-term savings. Vince Carter, on the other hand, is in the final year of his contract and is only on the hook for $4 million in 2011/12. 

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