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President Obama Was Coming To The Wizards Game, Then He Wasn't

Yesterday, several signs pointed to President Barack Obama attending the Wizards-Heat game. Owner Ted Leonsis hinted at it on his blog. Season ticket holders received emails that enhanced security would make entering the Verizon Center more tedious than usual. Even today, the Wizards themselves had to receive a pat down from Secret Service. Earlier this morning, it was confirmed that Obama would be in attendance. All of that for nothing, however, because apparently POTUS had to cancel.

Via Associated Press, the Secret Service abruptly left Verizon Center at noon and took their bomb-sniffing dogs with them. No explanation whatsoever. Guard Nick Young seemed a bit disappointed:

He said he was going to play especially hard because "you don't want to get embarrassed in front of the president."    

Perhaps Obama was doing Young and the Wizards a favor, considering that the Heat are in the midst of a 11-game winning streak with 10 wins coming by double digits. Not only that, but when you factor in all of the games that Obama has attended, the home team is 3-4. Maybe Obama realized that and did not want his local team to be embarrassed. But if he's looking to take in a game, his hometown Chicago Bulls are at Verizon Center this Wednesday.