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Gilbert Arenas Trade: Magic Acquire Arenas From Wizards For Rashard Lewis, According To Report

It looks like Gilbert Arenas' days in Washington are over, according to a report from Ken Berger or CBS Sports

The Wizards will get Rashard Lewis in return for Arenas. 

After the Wizards drafted John Wall in with the first overal pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, it seemed inevitable that Arenas and the Wizards would have to part ways. The back court did not seem big enough for both Wall and Arenas to co-exist together, given the new direction the franchise wanted to take.

According to an earlier report from Berger, this deal was simply a matter of time:

The motivation is equally strong on the Wizards’ part. Injuries and a young roster built around No. 1 overall pick John Wall -- with Arenas uncomfortably lingering as the team’s former franchise player -- have conspired to produce a 6-18 start. Arenas is said to be eager for a fresh start, and a person familiar with the Wizards’ plans described the parting of Arenas and Wall as "inevitable." 

"This is John’s team," the person said. 

Well, there you have it.

It looks to be the end of an era for the Wizards, and the rebuilding of the squad looks to be in full swing.