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Gilbert Arenas Trade: Arenas' Best Game In 2010 Was Against Orlando

While Gilbert Arenas has come back healthy this season, he has hardly had many games one would consider "great." He has shown flashes, but never was able to have a game that reminded you of the old Gil.

However, there may be one exception to the rule this season.

The irony for the Washington Wizards and their fans may be that Arenas' final 'great' game was against the Orlando Magic, his new team.

On the day after Thanksgiving, Arenas went 9-23 from the field with 31 points, keeping the Wizards in the game throughout the entire affair until the Magic eeked out a 100-99 win in the final seconds. He even was given an opportunity to have a game winning shot, that came up just short. Not quite the Gil we were all used to seeing, but about as close as we've seen in quite some time. 


Perhaps that game had a lasting impression on Otis Smith, the Magic GM, as he was quoted as saying he sees Arenas as a "sleeping giant" that could really help a team like the Magic. Now Smith apparently has his man, and by the end of this season, we will find out how sleepy this 'giant' was during his final days in D.C.