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Wizards Vs. Heat: Without Gilbert Arenas, Washington Has 47-46 Lead Over Miami At Halftime

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With the Miami Heat rolling into town on an 11-game winning streak, things didn't look good for the shorthanded Washington Wizards.  Without John Wall, and with Gilbert Arenas now in Orlando after Saturday's trade (link Arenas stream), the Wizards didn't look like much of a threat.  But that's why they play the games.

Riding a spirited first quarter, the Wizards lead the Heat 47-46 at halftime.  The Wizards led for most of the way, but the Heat rallied to make it a one-point game at halftime.  Nick Young, starting his first game of the season in Arenas' place, had it going early and finished with 13 points in the half. Kirk Hinrich, the other starting backcourt player, added 10 points, and Andray Blatche, who has missed five of the last six games with a hip injury, added 10 points.  

Overall, the Wizards forced 10 Miami turnovers, leading to several fast break points. LeBron James has 12 points to lead the Heat. Dwyane Wade added nine points, and Mario Chalmers had eight points off the bench.  

Tonight also marks the return of Josh Howard to the Wizards' lineup. Howard had five points in 10 minutes off the bench and took his turn guarding James at different points. He's showing no ill effects of his knee injury that has kept him out of action since last February.