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VIDEO: JaVale McGee Takes Off, But Crash Lands

The Washington Wizards gave the Miami Heat all that they could handle in a heartbreaking 95-94 loss that saw LeBron James & Co. erase a 10-point deficit. But not every member of the Heat left D.C. unscathed. Ask James Jones, who was run over by JaVale McGee on a dunk attempt.

After coming away with a rebound, McGee used his long legs to quickly gain speed on a potential fast break. Jones, who gives up about five inches and 35 pounds to McGee, was the only line of defense for Miami and stood his ground as McGee took off from the free throw line for a tomahawk jam. But McGee came nowhere near the basket despite his long wingspan and literally throwing the ball at the hoop as he was coming down.

President Barack Obama was supposed to be at the game before canceling. But if POTUS ever needs a replacement for Air Force One, perhaps McGee is not the best option.