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Bobcats Vs. Wizards: Kirk Hinrich, Nick Young Pace Wizards, Lead Bobcats 32-25

For now, it's no Gilbert Arenas, no John Wall, no Rashard Lewis, no problem for the WIzards. Kirk Hinrich and Nick Young combined for 19 of the WIzards' 32 first quarter points to help Washington to a 32-25 lead over the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Wizards shot 63% from the field and made all seven of their field goals. Hinrich led all scorers with 10 points, including the last six for the Wizards. Young had nine points on three-of-four shooting. Andray Blatche added seven points.

Charlotte actually shot 65% from the field, but had six turnovers in the first quarter. Stephen Jackson had seven points.