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Bobcats Vs. Wizards: Shooting Percentages Plummet For Both Teams, But Wizards Still Lead 50-45 At Halftime

The Wizards and Bobcats got off to hot starts from the field in the first quarter, but that didn't last through the second quarter.

Nick Young led all scorers with 13 points to help the WIzards to a 50-45 halftime lead over the Charlotte Bobcats. Kirk Hinrich and Andray Blatche each scored 10 points for the Wizards. Hinrich also had four assists and two steals.

Stephen Jackson led the Bobcats with 11 points as the only Charlotte player in double figures.

Washington and Charlotte shot 63% and 65% from the field, respectively, in the first quarter, but those figures have dropped to 45% and 56%. The two teams combined for just six points more than the Wizards scored by themselves in the first quarter.