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Wizards Vs. Rockets: Wizards Claim One-Point Lead At Halftime

The Wizards and Rockets traded baskets through most of the second quarter, but it was Washington who got the edge at the end as they lead 48-47 at halftime.

Kirk Hinrich and Kevin Martin lead their respective teams with 14 points. For the Wizards, Nick Young and Rashard Lewis each have seven points, while John Wall has five. Jordan Hill has 11 points for the Rockets.

Washington used a 10-2 run to take a 37-32 lead early in the quarter, but Houston tied it up shortly after. The two teams traded baskets for most of the quarter.

The Wizards actually survived two separate buzzer beaters right before halftime. The first desperation three was waved off by the referees as the Wizards fouled before the shot. On the ensuing inbounds play, the Rockets made the shot as time expired, but the ball didn't leave Martin's hands in time.