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Wizards Trade Rumors: JaVale McGee 'Not Available'

Contrary to the previously cited report from Alex Kennedy of Hoops World that the Wizards would be interested in trading either Andray Blatch or JaVale McGee, it appears that McGee is not actually on the market, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

The [Western Conference] executives said McGee is "not yet" on the market, despite reports to the contrary. McGee, a third-year center who participated in Team USA tryouts last summer, is averaging career highs of 9 points, 8.3 rebounds and 2.5 blocks. But he is still playing on his rookie contract, which pays him $1.6 million this season and would limit what he could bring back in return.

"JaVale seems very not available," one of the executives said.

McGee and Blatche were both suspended for a game last week due to an altercation at a D.C. night club. The two young big men might have aggressive and somewhat clashing personalities, but let's just hope that this doesn't turn into another Brendan Haywood / Etan Thomas affair where neither player can remain on the roster with the other.