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Blazers Vs. Wizards: Washington Holds Portland To 33 Second Half Points In Win

It wasn't pretty, but sometimes you don't have to be pretty to win. You just have to play the Trail Blazers.

Portland's 79 points was the lowest total that the Wizards have allowed this season. Sure, the Blazers fell apart in the second half, but a solid defensive performance by Washington had a lot to do with it. After scoring just 34 points in the first half themselves, the Wizards were able to hold the Blazers to 33 in the second half, and to just 33.3% shooting.

So many missed shots by the Trail Blazers meant lots of rebound opportunities. Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee collected most of them, combining for 19 rebounds, but they also had a hard time boxing out LaMarcus Aldridge who had an impressive 15 rebounds in the game, nine of them coming off the offensive boards.

Blatche led all scorers with 19 points, and Gilbert Arenas contributed 15 off the bench, where he was relegated in John Wall's return to health.