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Wizards Vs. Suns: Steve Nash On Fire As Phoenix Takes 64-61 Halftime Lead

The Washington Wizards, by and large, have played a very good first half against the Phoenix Suns. That's why it's painful for them to be down 64-61 at halftime.

The major reason has been the play of Steve Nash. Nash has 16 points and six assists on 7-7 shooting, including one assist that led to a vicious dunk by Hakim Warrick over Yi Jianlian. The Nash-Warrick pick and roll proved to be impossible for the Wizards to stop. Warrick has 18 points on 7-9 shooting in the first half.

John Wall is having an excellent game offensively, with 10 assists to no turnovers already, but he's struggling to guard Nash. Andray Blatche has 16 points to lead the Wizards in scoring, while Nick Young added 12 points before picking up three fouls in the second quarter. Yi added nine points in his first game back from injury.

Both teams are shooting 54 percent from the field, but the Suns have made things up by shooting 20 free throws compared to just five for the Wizards.