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Wizards Vs. Suns: Steve Nash And Phoenix Pick Apart Washington, 125-108

Even without their same dominant roster, the Phoenix Suns are perfectly capable of scoring at will against even the very best teams. The Washington Wizards, at 6-13 this season, don't qualify. So it should come as little surprise that the Suns had their way with the Wizards in a 125-108 win in Phoenix on Sunday night.

Steve Nash completely dominated the game for the Suns. Nash didn't miss any of his eight field goal attempts, scoring 20 points and dishing out 17 assists. Many of those assists went to Hakim Warrick, who scored 26 points off the bench on just 13 shot attempts. Jason Richardson added 21 points for the Suns, who shot 58 percent from the field.

The Wizards played well offensively, shooting over 50 percent from the field and getting five players in double figures. Andray Blatche had 24 points on just 13 shots to lead the way, though he had his typical second-half fade. John Wall also faded in the second half, getting just two assists then after 10 in the first half. Nick Young added 20 points off the bench.

The Wizards made a bit of a run in the fourth quarter, but Nash came back in and shut the door. The Suns broke open the game with a big run early in the third quarter.