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Wizards Vs. Lakers: Washington Not Going Away, Cut Lakers' Lead To Three After Three

The Lakers had an 19-point lead in the third quarter and it looked as if the Wizards were done for the night. Nick Young's three-point prowess says otherwise.

Young tied a career high with five threes and helped cut that 19-point lead to just three as the Wizards trail 87-84 with one quarter to go.

Off of the bench, Young has 27 points, while Gilbert Arenas has 19 points and John Wall has 18 points. The Wizards are shooting 53% from long range and are using that to balance out the Lakers' dominance in the paint. The Wizards also lead the Lakers in fast break points by a 17-11 margin.

Kobe Bryant has 23 points for Los Angeles. Lamar Odom has 22 points and Pau Gasol is two assists shy of a triple-double with 16 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists.