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VIDEO: JaVale McGee Misses A Free-Throw Line Dunk, Spectacularly

In case you are living under a rock, JaVale McGee likes to make highlight plays. He loves highlight plays so much that his own coach, Flip Saunders, has called him out repeatedly for displaying more style than substance. Saunders probably doesn't need any more ammunition to make his point, but he got some in the final seconds of the Wizards' embarrassing 116-91 loss to the Sacramento Kings.

With just seconds remaining and the game well in hand, McGee got a steal and had an uncontested path to the basket. Instead of laying it up or dunking it normally like most human beings, McGee decided to begin auditioning for the NBA's Slam Dunk contest with a free-throw line dunk. It failed, spectacularly. Now, McGee must deal with a steaming head coach who just saw his team embarrassed on the scoreboard and in the minds of anyone who decided to stick around for this one.

You can have fun, JaVale. Just know that when you mess up, it'll be out there in the public eye. The play in .gif form is below the jump.

(Via @outsidethenba).