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Report: Andray Blatche To Receive Just Over $30 Million Over Next Five Years

The terms for Andray Blatche's new contract have come in, and they're complicated. Allow Michael Lee of the Washington Post to explain.

Blatche, who signed a five-year deal worth $15 million in the summer of 2007, was slated to earn $3.26 million this season and $3.52 million next season. But the deal is structured in a complicated manner that allows the Wizards to give him a slight salary boost this season and next season, using some of their available salary cap space. So, this basically works out to being a five-year contract with Blatche is expected to earn more than $30 million between now and the end of this deal.    

Bullets Forever is ecstatic with the news.

Getting Andray Blatche for what basically amounts to the value of the mid-level exception?  Wow.  That's a flippin' steal, regardless of the new CBA.  The fact that they've restructured it to lower the cap hit in the post-CBA years makes it even better.  Ernie Grunfeld and his team deserve major kudos for this one.