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Gilbert Arenas' Beard Is An Easy Target

The biggest star of media day wasn't John Wall, or even Gilbert Arenas himself, but rather the roughly half-inch of shrubbery Gil had growing on his face.


I'm hoping that the beard was a carefully cultivated public relations coup to divert attention from the gun incident that cost him much of last season, that the NBA doesn't want him talking about. And that we're all dumb enough to say, "O LOOK! NEW BEARD!" as soon as he walks out, in lieu of asking him any serious questions. I wouldn't put it past us; we've seen it before with Jayson Werth and Braylon Edwards. People really like talking about new, enormous beards.


But they also like to poke fun at them. Gil's new beard is the exact type of thing Photoshop was created for. This masterpiece from J.E. Skeets at the Basketball Jones, is probably the first of many recreations we'll see featuring Gil's new face salad; and there will never be too many.