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Washington Wizards Move From IPod-Touch To I-Pad

The Washington Wizards continue to break with the technological norm by assigning each player an I-Pad, which holds the team's playbook and allows players to review film at their leisure. Flip Saunders talked a bit about Apple's wonder product during the first day of training camp, emphasizing the benefits it would have for the team:

It's great learning tool. There's a lot of things that we are able to do with it.  From the standpoint of a video playbook.  Now the playbook is on the I-Pad....I think its very useful for our players.  We are able now to send them video or edits and they can get the video and watch it in their room.

On whether the IPod-Touch was useful last year:

I think it was effective. I think it's different now because we have so many young guys.  We can do this (video) and other things so much easier because it is bigger.

(Special thanks to Wizards video staff and CSN for providing audio)

It is uncertain as to whether the I-Pad has been locked to prevent players from adding their own videos, music, and apps to the machine. While I applaud the continued implementation of technology by the Wizards' coaching staff, I hope they at least open up the machines so that JaVale McGee can continue to tweet at his discretion.